St. Elder Porphyrios’ Advice to a Pediatrician

St. Elder Porphyrios’ Advice to a Pediatrician

He asked the same pediatrician, “How do you examine the children?” “In this manner... the pediatrician replied” “Listen to what I have to say to you. Every time you examine a child you should offer a fervent prayer with love: ‘Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on your servant’. 

As he said these things he took a deep breath while he opened his hands. “It is in this way that you should pray for every child. God has sent a precious little soul into your hands. “As you place your hand on their little heads pray fervently within yourself that the grace of God will be transfused into the soul of the child. “Do all these things spiritually and in secret. The others who are present won’t understand anything. “You will prescribe to them medicines which science dictates, but in the final analysis Christ will heal the child. You and the parents desire this. Do you believe this?” 

Another time he said to the same pediatrician. “I don’t see you examining the children the way I had told you. The routine is getting to you and you are forgetting. My dear man, give yourself to Christ and offer these little creatures to Christ with your prayer so that you can sanctify them! “Did you see, Christ healed by using the sense of touch? He either touched their hands, or touched their eyes, or the tongue. You will do the same thing. “You will embrace the little child or you will hold the hand of the older one. 

And with the intense and fervent prayer to Christ you will infuse the grace of God in them. Doesn’t the priest also do the same thing in every sacrament? “In order for the grace of the Holy Spirit to come, he places his hand on the head of the person who seeks penance. He does the same thing for a person getting married or a person who is getting baptized etc. “Prayer is spiritual power that is imparted spiritually to the other person’s soul.”
 by Agapios, Monk - The Divine Flame , The Holy Convent of the Transfiguration of the Savior, Milessi.